Convert your surf board to a single scull

Here’s a fun project for your summer holidays – get an Oarboard strap-on kit to convert your paddle board to a single scull.

Produced by Canadians Whitehall Rowing and Sail, it’s been produced as a short production run and they now want to fund a commercial manufacture using Indiegogo crowdfunding.

It’s simply strapped down to the deck of an existing board, reportedly in under five minutes. Because it’s made of a mixture of polymer plastic and marine-grade powder-coated aluminium, it should be OK with salt water.

A pledge of US$949 will get you one (oars not included), when and if they’re ready to row. If you want the company to throw in a pair of Dreher sculls, be prepared to offer up $1,539.  Prices are US$

I read this on Gizmag but you can go direct to Whitehall’s website

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