Blog update from Jochen Kuehner

The games are opened – waiting for our Heat 

It was my first opening ceremony and it was a great experience. Germany walked in as Number 199 of 204 Nations. This was the reason, why it was possible to take part at this event.

First we had to wait almost 2 hours in the National Indoor Stadium, but it was possible to sit down and we got drinks and food. It was an unbeliveable feeling to walk into this huge stadium and see all this people. The highlight to me was the moment when they ignited the olympic flame. The way they did it was great too. 

The games are opend and our races will start with the heat today. We'll row agaist Poland, France and Ireland . 3rd place will be enough to go directly to the Semi-Final. We'll see what happens today. Our goal is to go directly to the Semi on Thursday. 


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