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The best value Coxing Combo

Special offer until Sunday – Coxmate Audio plus GPS unit. with 10% off the price using coupon code … read more

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Special offer until Sunday – Coxmate Audio plus GPS unit. with 10% off the price using coupon code “coxmate10” – that’s £55 incl VAT saving.

Coxmate Audio and GPS bundle
Coxmate Audio and GPS bundle

Get the best of both worlds – an audio amplifier that’s compact and easy to use PLUS the popular GPS unit for rating, boat speed, distance per stroke and also downloadable data for analysis after the outing.

Australian coxswains are shifting

For cost and performance reasons, we are told that in Australia clubs and schools are moving their coxing choices from an all-in-one unit to an audio amplifier plus a GPS unit.

User feedback is that the Coxmate Audio amplifier is very clear and has a very long battery life.  Couple this with data analysis from the GPS unit and you have a winning combination.  Both are small and light weight, easy to mount in the boat and of course you can split them up and use them separately as well.

So if you want a Coxbox alternative, here’s something to review – we offer clubs a 2 week trial – get in touch.


Unit GPS Audio SX (audio + GPS in one unit)
Price £185 (£222 incl VAT) £279.17 (£335 incl VAT) £500 (£600 incl VAT)

Coxmate Audio has 2 options

Buy the Coxmate Audio kit – with microphone, charger and charge adapter or you can buy just the Audio unit alone and supply your own microphone.  Works with the NK speaker system and microphone so you get flexibility and can save money too.

Coxmate also make an NK CoxBox Microphone at a very reasonable price.


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