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Atlantic Rowing Challenge kicks off

January features two epic attempts to smash the Atlantic rowing record. While Sara G, the 40ft mono hull … read more

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January features two epic attempts to smash the Atlantic rowing record. While Sara G, the 40ft mono hull trimaran set off from San Mifuel marina Tenefire on 6th January with a 6 man crew, the multi hull catarman, Big Blue, departed with a crew of 16 from Southern Morocco on the 11th. Both the crews seek to arrive Barbados in less than 33 days. Current record for the rowing the Atlantic Ocean is set by Leven Brown in 2008 33 days 7 hours and 3 on a 3140 miles distance.

The 11.1m long Sara G. Courtesy

Sara G set off on a good weather and got in to the trade winds and wave pattern after only two days. Matt Craughwell, the owner and skipper of Sara G is on his second attempt to row across the Atlantic. In January 2009, he was a part of the 14 man La Mondiale crew which was set out to cross the Atlantic in less than 20 days. But due to a rudder breakdown, they had to abandon the journey. But Matt was hooked on to rowing the ocean. We hope this time he completes his journey without any difficulties

Big Blue Rowing Boat. Courtesy

Angela Madsen, the skipper of the Big Blue was supposed to cast with her crew on 8th January, but due to last minute preparations got dragged out and left on the 11th 0600 GMT. The craft mostly consists of elite rowers. The living quarters is a roofed area in the middle of the boat containing food supplies and bunk beds and a rudimentary toilet.

The rowers are expected to achieve an average speed of 4 knots and row in 12 hours shifts, where they would be burning 6,000 calories each day and drink 5 litres of water daily. Track Sara G’s progress from this link.


2 thoughts on “Atlantic Rowing Challenge kicks off

  1. On March 04th I was taking portrait shots on the beach at Port St Charles, Barbados. In the distance I saw a rowing boat coming to land. Realizing it was a cross Atlantic rowing boat I felt quite honored to be there to watch it come to land. Bugger the portrait shoot, I thought lets record some shots for these peeps so I popped on my 400mm lens. From where I was on the beach I had a fabulous view of ‘Big Blue’ coming in.

    I would like to give the rowers their photos on a disc or I can upload to my website where they can be downloaded from.
    I must admit that I contacted Derek at Port St Charles at the time who said he would pass on the photos to a crew member when they next returned to Barbados. I have to admit that I forgot to burn the disc and get it up to Port St Charles.

    If one of the crew members would like to contact me I’d be happy to give them the images for their records.

    Congratulations on this great mission.

    1. Manty, sadly we don’t know the crews ourselves. But would be happy to do a blog post featuring your images if you like. Please get in touch via the Contact page if you’d be interested in writing something.

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