Adaptive sculls going out for testing

Adaptive scull big blade spoon

We are really excited that Dreher has started to build Adaptive sculls.

Oundle Town Rowing Club coach Colin Bullock organised the test.  His athletes were the first ‘test’ subjects and they sent back ringing endorsements.

The specification is a carbon adjustable scull (same as the able bodied athletes use) with a Big Blade spoon.

They are carbon adjustables built with the same quality of carbon and stiffness from the unique oar heat and pressure autoclave process.  so the underlying design is the same as Carbon Adjustable sculls with a shorter overall length and in-board measurement.

Here’s Oundle Town’s feedback

Which product(s) did you try? Dreher Adaptive

What comparable equipment do you usually use? Standard Concept2 and Dreher

How long / how many outings did you do? 2 Weeks

What were your first impressions? We have two athletes who tried the oars, one male AS and one female TAS. Their first impressions where very positive. They like the lightness and the benefit of having oars that did not overlap.

When you did your first outing was it easy to use? Easy to use.

What did the coach think? Both Katherine and I liked the oars, our only criticism is the overall length. The oars are at their max adjustment, which limits our ability to make minor adjustments. They could do to be about 10 cms longer.

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