A guide to good rowing technique

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Rowing Technique: Credit mcshane.org

Get the detailed explanation of the Rowing Stroke Cycle from Harry Mahon.  This is the text that accompanies Harry Mahon’s Rowing Technique DVD volume 1.

Here are my favourite extracts.

At the Catch

  1. no need to be violent
  2. a question of timing rather than brute strength…. and 4 more…

A coach is a judge of skill he/she must be able to

  1. Break down complex things into simple parts
  2. Separate good from bad parts
  3. Focus on important parts; not be distracted by unimportant issues……. and 3 more…

You can download a copy from SlideShare for your own use.

6 thoughts on “A guide to good rowing technique

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  2. Colin Barratt says:

    The elbow is pointing down in diagram 4. THIS IS WRONG. The hand, wrist, forearm and elbow should all be in a straight line at the finish of the stroke parallel to the water and sides of the boat, before the blade is released from the water by pushing down with the forearms and hands. If you pull down with the elbow, the blade will take on a slight vertical percentage and will reduce the amount of horizontal send on the boat and may also release the blade early from the water.

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