9 Days to go – Richard Chambers on the way to Beijing

Richard Chambers is writing for the Guardian.co.uk Newspaper website.

Here is his latest installment.  Richard Chambers Blog on The Guardian

 He makes the interesting observation about the amount of time training compared to racing…..

"In total the Team GB Lightweight Four will complete approximately 18 minutes of racing. For me that’s about 162 days training for each minute of racing!"

WHat I also like is his view that the regatta presents a "level playing field".  It is true that some crews have already raced their opposition during this season's World Cup regattas but as Eric Craies was wont to say "You're only as good as your last race!"  Meaning you write your name on the water – stop talking and prove your speed by going fast.

" All our results in this crew are in the past, this year’s world cup season and last years world championship result means nothing. We start on a level playing field. It’s all to play for."

Richard Chambers 

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