3d printing and rowing

3d printing and rowing


3d printing is one of the most interesting and exciting new technologies. It is a process whereby, in theory, any object could be produced, by a printer, in just minutes, with the right materials and designs. The printer will use these materials and designs to produce the desired item. It is quite a clever technique, and one that is still in development, becoming increasingly sophisticated, as well as becoming increasingly viable for affordable commercial and home use.

The process is set to be put to some unusual, surprising, and, actually, quite hopeful uses, including for the production of human organs for those in need, and for the manufacturing of arms. But 3d printing is already beginning to be used, for some duller and more run of the mill, but also intriguing, purposes. The process is being used to create parts for things like planes and cars.

But it may also be used for a wide variety of other purposes, and to manufacture a range of other goods. 3d printed items are cheaper, produced faster, lighter, and better quality, making it a good method for a whole range of consumer products – leading to potential widespread use in the near future.

One such product maybe rowing boats and oars. It is thought that a huge range of materials will be usable in 3d printing in the not so far future, so whilst current capabilities are limited, more options will become available in time. Light and good quality 3d printed parts are perfect for rowing boats, providing better buoyancy, and less air resistance, allowing for greater speed, and tougher boats.

Whilst currently many designs for 3d printed boats are just that and no more, we must also remember that the technology is in its infancy, and isn’t yet able to do even half of the things it is expected to be able to do. From whole buildings to plane parts, 3d printing will revolutionise swathes of modern industry. When you consider how complex and ambitious some plans for 3d printing are, suddenly 3d printed rowing boats are not so mad.

It is well within the realm of possibility that within 10 years, once 3d printers are more widespread, and thus cheaper to access and use, and once it is better able construct larger objects with more complex materials, we could have a 3d printed rowing boat. When one considers the huge opportunities and benefits presented by 3d printing of consumer goods – lower prices, higher quality and effectiveness, lighter and more effective parts for transport, including rowing boats – it could revolutionise rowing forever.

So, in conclusion, whilst the idea of 3d printed rowing boats are still a pipe dream, they are very much possible, and extremely likely. The technology is only becoming better and more widely used, and its huge benefits become clearer and clearer with every experiment – benefits that would be great for the sport of rowing and the rowing industry. We will likely see 3d rowing boats in the very near future, and they will mean great things for us all.


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