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Keep it safe in your Boathouse

(Well, keep it safe at least) We talk a lot about keeping club members safe, but what about … read more

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(Well, keep it safe at least)

We talk a lot about keeping club members safe, but what about keeping your club safe?  Your club is filled with all kinds of valuables, from the rowing shells to the coxing equipment; you don’t want anything to go missing.  Here are some suggestions of how to keep those valuables safe.

Lock it up – Use combination locks with complicated numerical systems.

A (literal) Safe – Each team (or boat) can have a collective safe for keys and phones of the crew while on the water.  The coach will be the only one with the key, and can hide it for the next coach in a designated spot upon their return.

Hide and seek – Hide the keys.  Try it in a black welly boot or tape it to the under-side of a shelf.  Explore your club house and find the most random locations.

Lockers – Supply enough lockers with locks for club member in the changing rooms, definitely the easiest option!

Alarms – Every club should have multiple alarm systems in place at night when all rowers, scullers and staff go home.

A watchful eye – If you’ve had problems with break-ins before, there are even better options than classic video cameras. Some security options include systems where the club managers are able to view camera footage remotely, from a mobile phone or computer.  This means that if they see something suspicious going on (while not at the club), they can still respond immediately in an appropriate manner.

Any other innovative ideas?  What’s the best security feature at your rowing club?


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