3 Minute Abs

3 minute Abs

Our suggestions for quick rowing fitness gains

As far as fitness goes, the best thing you can do is running or body weight circuits.  Until you are skillful in a rowing or sculling boat, it’s hard to get fit while training on the water.

For running, find a hill and sprint up it and jog slowly down – try to run up for 1-2 minutes and do this 8 times to start and build up to longer sprints or more repetitions, or both. Or you can run up stairs – is there a multi-storey car park nearby as several flights of stairs works just as well. If you get fit enough, go running up them – two stairs at a time.

You can also do body weight circuits like these ‘home exercises’ we put up in a blog post about how to stay fit when away from home


Any other suggestions from readers?


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