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Xeno on M1x semi final

I just finished watching the first semi of the men’s single scull and what a nail biter that was. I was carefully watching the Belgian single sculler. Hats off to him

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Xeno is writing on Row2k and following the mens singles competition in Beijing.

After watching the video of the semifinal of the men's single scull

I just finished watching the first semi of the men's single scull on and what a nail biter that was. I was carefully watching the Belgian single sculler. Hats off to him, he fought off the combined charge of Tufte and Hacker throughout the entire 2000 meters. The Belgian's show of speed today, reinforces my believe that if there is a tailwind for the Olympic final he is a medal contender.

As I write this blog, I am simultaneously watching the second semi. Throughout the field of single scullers, I see "effort" in the stroke, which indicates a lack of hanging off the leg drive. Others lack the fluid connection between the last quarter of the leg drive and back swing.Now, we are almost at the five hundred meter mark and I hate to say this, but it looks like the qualifying spots are already determined.

The British single sculler seems content with rank 3 and leaves the fight for rank one and two to Drysdale and Synek.

  • I believe that this is a psychological race between Synek and Drysdale.
  • We are coming into the last forty strokes of the race!
  • Oh my gosh, what a bizarre twist in this race. Drysdale, either turned the engine off early to conserver energy for the final or ran out of gas. Drysdale's move is really dangerous because in lane one the Greek sculler is charging the line like a freight train.
  • Campbell is in danger. Campbell spotted the attack and is putting the pedal to the medal. Drysdale is in danger now. He is countering. I have NO idea who is going to make it here.
  • SYNEK, CAMPBELL, DRYSDALE in the final.
  • SSynek had a great race, Drysdale blew, Campbell either blew or just did not realize that lane one was torpedoing the finish line.
  • SHats of to the Greek sculler in lane one. He proved that the race isn't over until the finish line is crossed.
  • SAfter watching these two semis I can say that there is a slight advantage for Synek, but everything else is wide open.
  • SWho knows, maybe Drysdale and Campbell ate something bad. I wish all competitors to be in perfect health for their finals.
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