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We have recently introduced two new e-books from Mike Sullivan on Sculling Safety. We want to hear what you think of the book and you could win a copy of the new e-book.
To qualify, all you need to do is leave a comment below the post informing us about your participation. We are giving out one copy for each book, and we’ll pick two commenters to get the respective e-book via email for their review.
Please note that one participant is allowed write a review for one e-book.
The winners are expected to write a review (around 300 words, under 2 weeks) and submit the same at the respective product shop links (provided below).
Submit your review for:
So hurry up and claim the e-book!


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  1. Iwan Jones

    Been following the various musings and occasional rantings on rec.sport.rowing over a number of years on these subjects, so it would be good to have a good read of Mikes detailed thoughts on the subjects…

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Delighted Iwan – like you, I find Mike’s expertise obvious and having him share his experience in book form is a great plus for the rowing world. Will send you a copy forthwith.

  2. Lianne Stanford

    I’d love to do a review of either of these books. I think the time has come for things like this to be succinctly addressed with the idea that it’d be a good reference to have about the boathouse.

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      You’re on, Lianne. It’s in the mail.

  3. James Holmes-Siedle

    I would love to review one or both of them – have reviewed books before, am the CWSA of my club, took up sculling in my mid 40’s and so am extremely aware ….happy with either of them, but probably favor the handling your sculling boat on land/water


    1. Rebecca Caroe

      James, will contact you offline with the book to review.

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