Would you review our Seat Racing book?

Rowing seat racing book

We’ve just published a new ebook on Seat Racing for crew selection and we are keen to get some reviewers.  Read on to find out how.

Seat Racing can be confusing

Rowing seat racing book
How to use seat racing for crew selection

There are a lot of different ways to run seat racing – we even found coaches and coxswains who advocate AGAINST using it for crew selection – or only using it as a secondary method.

Many athletes have stories about getting “shafted” in a selection decision and so understanding how the process works and ways to ‘game’ the system, are key to ensure fairness – Brandy Mulligan’s article covers this.

This book gives you several viewpoints so you can make up your mind about how to run seat racing (or not).

Authors include:

  • FISA coaching manual – Crew Selection by Kris Korzeniowski
  • How to: Win a seat race By Coach Jay
  • Rules of Engagement for Seat Racing by Ted Nash
  • Rowing 101: Seat Racing by Mount Baker Junior Crew Coach
  • Rowing Seat Racing – Why Rowers Need To Be Vigilant By Brandy Mulligan
  • Stop Seat Racing – The Future of Crew Selection By Frank Biller
  • Coxing Seat Races Fairly by Rob Colburn
  • Seat Racing Coxswains By Marcus McElhenney
  • Seat Racing and Crew Selection by Valery Kleshnev

Please get in touch via the comments below if would be able to read the book (34 pages long) and write a short review on its usefulness.

We would like 3 reviewers:

  • An athlete
  • A Coach
  • A Coxswain

Please tell us which one you represent when you apply!

Thanks in advance.

17 thoughts on “Would you review our Seat Racing book?

  1. Duncan Holland says:

    Happy to Rebecca. I believe seat racing is often badly done and often inappropriately used as a selection tool.


  2. Miles Bishop says:

    I would enjoy reviewing your book, seat racing is an area in which I would like to improve. Athlete.

  3. Nigel Stubbs says:

    As both a masters athlete and a coach, I would be very happy to review your seat racing publication.


  4. David Yates says:

    I would like to. I have been a coach, and for more than 20 years, a selector for the Australian National Teams. Hence I have experience of a lot of approaches and as a professional scientist take an objective approach, at least I think so.

  5. Tom Cummins says:

    Would be very interested in reading and reviewing the book as a collegiate athlete. I will also be beginning my coaching career this summer.

  6. David Lindstrom, Coach says:

    I would be very interested in reviewing your book on seat racing
    Being a past NZ selector and now coach of Junior kids in NZ and now USA I am always looking to further my knowledge

  7. Holly Jackson says:

    Hi, I’d love to have a read of your book and review it from a coxswain’s perspective if you haven’t had this done already.

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