World Masters Games injured athletes – replacements needed

We are hearing of a few injuries and crews needing last minute substitutes

Aussies needing subs

Can you share this around and help the guys find replacements?

A number of Masters rowers from Perth, Western Australia have registered for the World Masters Games. Sadly, due to illness in the family, one of the men has had to pull out. As a result we’re looking for a male rower (or rowers) to take his place in these events:

  • Event 109 F4- Replacement age required 48+
  • Event 175 F8+ Replacement age required 33+
  • Event 225 G4- Replacement age required 58+
  • Event 309 G2X Replacement age required 61+
  • Event 365 F4X Replacement age required 48+
  • Event 418 G8+ Replacement age required 60+
  • Event 507 F4+ Replacement age required 59+

Please forward this email to any rowers who may be interested in taking part in one or more of the events. Thank you Michael Hawkins +61 414 330 349 or

Kiwis needing subs

Event 114 MD4x
Event 221 MC4x
Event 315 MD4+
Event 528 MxdD8+

Contact Karen Bryant +64 21 977 836


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