Womens Eights head start draw published

The provisional start draw is out for the WEHORR. Take a read.

We got a lovely message from Tom Copeland, coach of the Cantabridgian crew starting number 50.

Have you seen who is starting behind my eight?

Womens Eights Head start order
Womens Eights Head start order

It’s a composite British Rowing crew!


Advice if you are being followed by a much faster crew

I suggest you quietly move aside and chat to their coxswain before the start – advise them to start a long way behind you so there’s enough gap to make a good passing manoeuvre before Barnes Bridge.

Then instruct your crew to push off them and hang on to their wake as long as possible – but tell the cox not to move in behind them quickly because their hugely powerful puddles will upset the water and make it hard to keep your rhythm!

Any other suggestions?

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