Why do good crews go in same semi final?

During the competition there have been several instances of potential medalists ending up in the same semi final – mens pairs, lightweight mens doubles, lightweight womens doubles – are the main examples.

Matt Smith, Executive Director of FISA said at a press conference

Seeding is just to divide the crews between the heats.  We use a ‘random’ system and this may lead to two good crews in the same semi-final.

We do not try to guide the competition unlike other sports.”

Well – that may be the case but the LW2x semis were 4 seconds difference in finishing times and they were consecutive races with no obvious change in weather conditions.  And LM1x yesterday had 11 seconds difference and the reigning world champion, Duncan Grant of New Zealand, missed out on the final.

Do you think the FISA seeding system is fair?

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