Which oars wash out at the finish?

Take a look at this video – UK National Champs 2005 Lightweight mens quads

The leading Tideway Scullers crew is using Dreher Rounds…. very little splash at catch or finish.  Blade holds its depth through the stroke.

Now take a look at the Peterborough City crew (Blue/Yellow oars) as they come up into frame at 40 seconds.  All their oars corrugate and wash out.

What’s your experience?  Which oar designs do you use?  Do they hold the water at race pace?

3 thoughts on “Which oars wash out at the finish?

  1. Glenn Malisauskas says:

    No doubt different oar designs can make a difference to crews performance otherwise we would never have changes.
    However I see an obvious difference here in crew standards and style, the Tideway crew looks in control, relaxed and balanced (as winners always do!), hand heights good and actions smooth whereas the Peterborough crew look fatigued, movements slightly more ragged and hand heights on film appear slightly low on the draw and finish. Why not send me a set of both oars and I’ll be happy to run a comparison, ha.. Regards Glenn

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Glenn – would love to send you oars to trial but we don’t sell them.
      Which oars can you easily get hold of to test?
      How would you set up a test so we got verifiable data?

      This would make an awesome blog post – if you’re keen, we are!

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