Where to mount a GoPro on a rowing boat

My crewmates are brainstorming where we should mount a GoPro on our quad. We have a tri-pivot mount thing, so the camera can pivot a little bit. Obviously we hope to get more footage than just our stroke seat. What are some locations on the boat you have used in the past to get good angles?

Buy some curved + flat mounts or a a handlebar mount to give you the maximum variation of places to attach.

  1. On stroke’s rigger pointing back at the rest of the boat – but you won’t get stroke in the shot except at the finish
  2. For sweep footage take a handlebar mount and put it on the backstay
  3. Move the adhesive mounts on different parts of the boat and film on a different one every time
  4. On a small mast on the bow or stern
  5. Clip to an oar. Those are cool but the oar may not get a good view for technique appraisal

What are your suggestions?

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