We’ve restocked Magik Oarlocks

Magik Oarlocks, rowing

There’s a hard core group of rowers who swear by Magik Oarlocks – they’re not your usual bunch.

Magik Oarlocks, rowing
Magik Oarlocks sweep & Scull

These folks fit into two camps

  1. They feel insecure at the catch and want more “certainty” of feeling as the oar squares and goes into the water
  2. They are demon racers and want an advantage on the racing start with firmer “grip” on their first few strokes of a race

The first group include novices, new scullers and those going in a single scull for the first time.

The second group has luminaries like Ondrej Syneck the World Champion sculler in it!!  Here’s a picture of him using them while racing in Czech Republic.synek Magik oarlock

Anyway – Rowperfect has both sweep and sculling in stock now.

And for those of you who want to renew the rubber elastic bands that provide the tension, they’re also available.

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