Vivo life jacket for rowing

capsize rowing boat, vivo life jacket

We have got a new product in store – a classic life jacket suitable for coxswains and coaches to use for rowing called Vivo Life Jacket.

The Vivo Life Jacket is designed with robust tapes around your back and waist and the jacket is enclosed on the front in a halter design with an air cannister.

Tested on a Capsize

Our good friend was delighted to accept our challenge to put the Vivo lifejacket to the test and do a capsize drill from a single scull in order to test out the product.  Sure enough, it did its thing and obligingly inflated so he not only could sit comfortably in the water he also told us about an unexpected bonus.

When I entered the water the jacket inflated – as I expected.  But what I found was that it held me high above the water surface compared to falling in without a lifejacket.  This made it super-easy to get back into the boat as my torso was high above the water surface.

Well that’ was a neat outcome!

Here are the photos for you to review.  Get in touch if you need spare air cannisters too.  Note it’s not suitable for people weighing less than 50kg.

VIVO Life Jacket capsize test
VIVO Life Jacket capsize test
capsize rowing boat, vivo life jacket
Getting back in the boat after capsize was easy with Vivo
VIVO 100 Life Jacket in a touring rowing boat
VIVO 100 Life Jacket in a touring boat

Vivo life jacket, rowing boat, touring rowing,


4 thoughts on “Vivo life jacket for rowing

  1. graham says:

    A good idea to wear this life jacket while sculling. I suggest you arrange that the front ends are moved together,rather than have the gap as shown. This will prevent the blade handles messing with the jacket at the release.
    I used a similar jacket for years – no problems.
    Don’t forget the hat mounted mirror when out in your single.

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