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Video tutorials for Coxmate HC part 4

The final HC video set is showing how to use the Coxmate GPS system to calibrate your HC.

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The final HC video set is showing how to use the Coxmate GPS system to calibrate your HC. When Peter Hodson was specifying the design, he asked us at Rowperfect UK whether we thought a 500m distance was appropriate as the shortest distance over which to measure speed for calibration purposes.

Now many of you know we are located in Cambridge, UK. This has oen of the most bendy rivers in the UK and we were adamant that our river only allowed 300m in a straight line maximum. And so we influenced the specification of the HC GPS – it now calibrates over 250m.

  • Phew.
  • You can hire an HC GPS calibration unit from us for one week at a time. Please ask.
  • And now the second part of that video.
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