Is VAT chargeable for USA customers on Rowpefect?

USA Canada Shipping - YES WE DO SHIP HERE

Do you ship to the United States?  Are orders VAT-free given that they’re going abroad? Would it be expensive to ship a small order, e.g., a few books, rowing gloves and some videos? 

USA Canada Shipping -\ YES WE DO
USA Canada Shipping -\ YES WE DO

We do ship to the USA, most certainly!  Around half Rowperfect’s readers are stateside and we love you guys!

No VAT is payable outside the EU.  VAT is the UK Value Added Tax and is a sales tax payable on purchases.

When you specify your COUNTRY on the shipping page it removes VAT from the price.

I can’t comment on the price of shipping – best bet is to put the items into a shopping cart on our shop and ‘check out’ and choose your postage method.  It’s all Royal Mail and generally is weight dependent!

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