Valentines gifts for rowers



  • Waterproof locker
  • Stampfli grips
  • Racing Yesterday ebook
  • Pitch Gauge
  • Miniature replica oars
  • Scullers rear view mirror
  • Cartoon print (series including the one above) by Hugh McLeod of Gaping Void
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    1. Kevin Foulds

      Rowing machines are a great way of keeping fit. They provide you with a full body workout and exercise all the muscles of the body, which is more than any other cardio machine can do. Rowing machine benefits far outweigh those of a cross trainer or an elliptical trainer, although I do enjoy training on an elliptical machine. Make sure you look around for the correct rowing machine before buying one. There are lots of rowing machines for sale and the best model on the market is without doubt the concept 2 rower. Rowing machines are the number one indoor fitness equipment, so choose wisely when you decide to buy one. Cheap is not best.

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