Using velcro to improve the Cadence stroke rate watch


Cadence fixed on scullBob Jones bought a Cadence stroke rate watch from us and has been using it intensively.  He has found an improvement using industrial quality velcro to stick it to the scull handle.

The product used is professional 2" sticky back velcro. I brought mine from a local haberdashers, sadly not always still in business in the metropolis, but a craft shop or bespoke household furnishers (Blinds, Curtains or other removable soft furnishings) use this stuff. The cost is about £6 per metre but a scull should only need 20cms at the most.

The stiff surface is used on the blade loom, make sure you are sure where you want it because it has a high level grab factor and impact contact. You will see from the photo I have left an edge (temporarily) showing for "demo" purposes.

Only a small bit of the soft surface is needed (shame really because you have to buy the same quantities of each) as it is sold as a "double" piece. You will see a from one of the pics that a square has been attached (also has a high impact adhesive)

I place the ratemetre on to the desired position and then fix the strap to secure it in the normal way.

It works so much better that being directly on to a smooth surface, no slippage or judder and gives a better level of security by eliminating the possibility of falling off if not properly secured or sliding down the loom if the sculls/oars are stood veritably.

Hope this helps

Bob Jones

Sticky velcro on shaft   Fluffy velcro on watch  Cadence securely fixed on scull shaft

Sticky velcro on the shaft                  Fluffy velcro on the watch back               the finished effect!

More information about Cadence.


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