Dreher Big Blade sweeps – product review

James Lovering has coached a crew who use Dreher Big Blade Sweeps

We really enjoyed using the Dreher oars as they have a much more comfortable centre of balance which give a better feeling of being able to control the blade. The handles are different as they don't have a grip on the area where the oustide hand goes, we noticed a greatly reduced number of blisters on our outside hands – which is always useful! Most of all we enjoyed how easy and solid the finish sounded and felt, they make that sound that every rower knows and loves, and once that sound is there the boat just feels like it could go forever.
There has always been an ongoing debate about how the choice of blades and choice of boat affects the outcome of any race, Without the blades you lent us we feel that the boat speed wouldn't have been anywhere near as quick as it was and we are greatful for the use of the blades.

The summer coming up we will carry on sweep rowing, i think we're planning to compete in a four, with a bit of sculling in sigles and possiblly the double too

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