Using Coxmate HC on an NK wiring loom

We got an enquiry from Simon Janes at Oxford about trying out the Coxmate HC.  He wanted to test it on his NK wiring loom that is already in his boat.

I've tried the HC unit with my NK speedcoach mount- it fits fine but
the readings don't seem towork, the rate says "99" during the drive
& a more accurate number during the recovery, also the speed
reading says I'm doing 5 or 6 minutes per 500 (I hope it is the machine
and not me!)
I noticed on the back of the HC there are 6 pins but the NK holder only
has receptors for 4 pins- my NK unit works with speed
series, so have i done something wrong with the set up?

This is a really iimportant question for us to answer in full.  The Coxmate HC is designed to work on the NK wiring loom. Interchangeability is really important and so we thought we'd publish the full answer we gave Simon.

About the speed measurement. 

The HC is designed to be used with the Coxmate micro-impeller.  This spins much faster than your NK impeller and so when used with the NK impeller it gives very far out readings.  You need to calibrate the HC against the NK impeller – you can set the HC unit up for "NK impeller" and use your Speedcoach K value.  Do you have a marked distance you can scull and get a reading off?  Then adjust the calibration as indicated in the manual.

About the number of connection pins.

The number of pins (6) on the HC is for the HC wiring loom which has a start / stop switch.  This is in addition to the four on your NK loom.  These four record and measure the same things on Coxmate as HC.  Nothing wrong with your set-up.

About the rating. It suggests you are not getting a connection on seat sensor. Make sure HC is fully seated in mount. The seat sensor is the first and second pins from right – as you look down on mount.

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