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Eucatape for rowing blister prevention

Eucatape is an innovative blister prevention tape that has hit the rowing market with quite a splash. Originally designed for drummers, the brains behind Eucatape have developed a version of the tape specifically for rowers!

What makes Eucatape for Rowin’ so unique is the cooling, soothing anti-inflammatory properties found within the fibres of the tape itself – it’s infused with eucalyptus, hence the name, Eucatape.

Catie shows how happy she is with Eucatape on her hands.
Catie shows how happy she is with Eucatape on her hands.

Catie Lawrence, the director of the Des Moines Regatta, USA, was one of the first to try it out because she is both a drummer and a rower (unique, eh?).  She recently recounted her experience with Eucatape.

“It’s simple. I was just plain excited about a product that actually worked,” she told Eucatape founder, Ryan Lacey.

“Being the President of my club team in college, Director of a US Rowing sanctioned regatta and on the Board of Directors for my current club, I have heard one too many times about products that don’t work and how expensive they are. Once I found Eucatape I just wanted to share it with everyone. I can definitely say that my club loves this tape. I have people coming up to me asking for more and where to get it all the time.”

Before discovering Eucatape for Rowin’, Catie had tested her patience with countless other tapes. She prefers tape over gloves as she finds that gloves don’t cover all the areas of her hands that needs protecting. When it comes to other blister prevention tapes, Catie has found that they all have a tendency to roll at the edges, becoming an uncomfortable nuisance, and sometimes even causing blisters!

“After finding Eucatape I won’t be returning to anything else,” Catie admits to Ryan. “I use Eucatape because I want something that will protect my hands, be affordable, and just all around work!” Catie has also found that Eucatape for Rowin’ can withstand moisture reasonably well. While the tape did roll a little, it stayed sticky despite getting wet.

Catie goes on to explain to Ryan how she wraps her own hands. While it is up to each individual rower, Catie makes sure she straps her palms, thumbs and base of her middle fingers in rowing tape. It helps to prevent what she calls the “death grip”, when the tape is too tight and restricts finger movement.

Lastly, Ryan asks Catie about how she finds the eucalyptus smell of the rowing tape. “Who wouldn’t like the smell of Eucatape?! It is honestly what first drew me to it,” Catie explained. Like many other rowers, Catie would tense up during a rowing race, often holding her breath. One whiff of the eucalyptus-infused tape and it was enough to remind her to stay calm and take steady breaths. And because Catie usually sits near the bow, she finds that her teammates downwind in the stern section also enjoy the aroma of her taped hands!

Do you find that your blisters never seem to heal? Or would you like to prevent blisters in the first place? Get your Eucatape for Rowin’ in the Rowperfect shop today.

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