US Foundation for the Blind Rowers

The US Foundation for the Blind is supporting Rowing.
They wrote an article published last week that made it to our “Program of the Month” featuring Oklahoma’s Vipers rowing team. They do not use any adaptive equipment, as you’ll learn in the piece, so they like to consider themselves a normal rowing team that happens to have blind and visually impaired rowers in the boat. Their accomplishments–winning medals against sighted boats–proves their skill and stamina.
Earlier this year we published a more general piece on how to get involved in an adaptive/para program with helpful links to USRowing and other motherships. There are also feature stories about two of the rowers on the team, George and Mike.

If you know anyone who wants or needs help with Adaptive please direct them to the Rowperfect Coaching Resources for Para Rowing and Adaptive Rowing.

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