Train new season coxswains fast

It’s the new rowing year and every club will be recruiting athletes and coxswains and coaches.Coxswains do everything book bundle

Get your coxswains up to speed fast with our Coxing Resources.

Incorporating the invaluable book – Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing, and audio CD so they can listen to experienced coxes as they race and train, and a laminated Drill Card to take in the boat.

Special price through end October 2015.

Coaches, have you ever coxed?

coaching the coxswain
A guide for rowing coaches

For the coach who has never coxed, invest in this one book.  Coaching the Coxswain – a guide for the coach who has never coxed.   Expert coxswain Chelsea Dommert got frustrated trying to do what her college coach asked, but they mis-understood each other.

Dommert sets out clearly with pictures and text why coxes don’t seem to do what you, the coach asks.

“If you don’t know what “On Point” means, or how to get the cox to steer straight and ways to assess the cox’s skills and what they need to be taught next – this book will open your eyes.”

When you read this you will understand how to say what you want, the words to use and get your coxes performing.


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