Top 5 Funny Rowing Crew Names


Sometimes we get laugh out loud moments from Rowing Crew names.  When doing regatta entries and you are not yet sure who will be in the crew – a placeholder will suffice.  I have seen the names A. Puddle or N.O. Puddle put in.

Here are our top 5 crews whose surnames hit the mark.

Caffeine addicts

Coffey Staines  – The USA pair from 1976 Olympics Calvin Coffey and Michael Staines.

rowing, US Rowing, USA Olympic Pair 1976 USA Olympic Pair 1976

A curious Scotsman

Strange Haining – possibly the clue was in the name when Nick Strange and Peter Haining got together in the British Lightweight Pair in 2001

Generous drinking buddies

Free Ginn – two lads from Australia who surely you’d want to go on a pub crawl with.  Duncan Free and Drew Ginn.

Free Ginn Rowers Duncan Free and Drew Ginn PhotoCredit: Mercantile RC

The steersman you knew you wanted

From Pembroke College Boat Club – where I learned my craft under Kevin Bowles.  There were photos of crews from 1970s including the coxswain named A. Cox.  Surely the coach announced the selections

This seat has your name written on it

When you’re just starting out in the sport

A true story from Duncan Holland.  When coaching at CUBC, these two were part of the squad…. briefly.  Rowe Baddeley – he put them into a pair just so he could say their names out loud.

Now add your own crew names in the comments.


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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. Mike

    “The Four Oarsmen of the Apocalypse” is my favourite.

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Sounds brilliant…. were you in the crew?

  2. Suzy Scorer

    Best Scorer – Veronica Best and Suzy Scorer rowed a double at last years worlds

  3. Louise

    We are Alice and Louise and our boat is called Alilouja!

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Oh, that’s genius. Was it deliberately named?

  4. Chris Dodd

    Funny names – check out regatta entries I have come across in the past:
    1 Vatican BC
    2 Jesus Christ’s

  5. Paul Ipolito

    A nice summery summary. Not looking forward to the wintery summary issue.

  6. Ian White

    Caused some amusement at a regatta in Scotland last year when two teenage girls turned up from two different clubs with EXACTLY the same name!

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      And what are the chances of that??

  7. Paul Fuchs

    US Men’s Double in 70’s: Tiff Wood and Greg Stone: Wood and Stone

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Brilliant! Guaranteed to make a boat go fast Wood and Stone!

  8. Rebecca Caroe

    I hope they had to race each other and didn’t crash!


    One of my rowing pals is Scull, I’m Wingfield, we raced in a double (“Wingfield Scull”) but sadly not on the Tideway!

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Ooh…. too good. Thanks Tim.

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