Tips for planning your race for the Eights Head

The Mens head is coming up. Guys – grab your chances and learn froom the wining womens crew from last weekend.

Thames RC coxswain Hannah has uploaded her race video and helpfully overlaid it with comments so you can see her race plan (in part) on the screen.  She has some great calls and you can really see her crew responding particularly after Hammersmith.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for planning your race for the Eights Head

  1. Tom Carter says:

    Along the same theme, heres the video from last years HORR for my crew, UTRC II. Started 179th finished 35th

    I tried to capture the cox’s calls and also displayed the boat speed/rates ect as well as postion on the map (taken from GPS) so you can see if you agree/disagree with the line we took 🙂

  2. Rebecca Caroe Rowperfect says:

    Thanks for sharing this Tom. I think your composite image is great. It also shows where the cox is lying about the rating!
    Personally I’d have lynched the coxswain for talking constantly. He’d already said all the stuff and was repeating himself. He also didn’t give you 10 strokes to actually do the things he asked you to do…. and I think he was a bit easy on the praise – he was saying well done two strokes into the ten when it was unlikely you’d made the change he called. Just my tuppney h’apenny’s worth!
    Anyone else reading – do go check the comments in the You Tube page there are some very good observations.

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