The Strength Coach Round Table Podcast


Tune in to a special edition of RowingChat next month, as Rowperfect hosts…

The ‘Strength Coach Round Table’ Podcast

rowperfect's rowingchat strength coach round table

Back for a second time, Strength Coach, Will Ruth is joined by fellow rowing strength and conditioning coaches, Blake Gourley and Joe Deleo. In this first-of-its-kind edition of RowingChat, the trio, accompanied by Rowperfect’s Rebecca Caroe, will be discussing a range of rowing-specific strength and conditioning related topics, including how best to warm up, nutrition and the best exercises you can do in the gym to improve your rowing performance!

What Time Can You Watch The ‘Strength Coach Round Table’?

  • UK (GMT) – February 14th 11:30PM

  • USA/Canada (PST) – February 14th 3:30PM

  • USA/Canada (EST) – February 14th 6:30PM

  • NZ (NZST) – February 15th 12:30PM

  • Australia (AEST) – February 15th 9:30AM

In a build up to the discussion, Will, Blake and Joe have put together a series of articles relating to Rowing Injury Prevention.

The first post has been published already, which focuses on the 6 best ways to avoid rowing injurySnapping Hip Syndrome. 

Low Back Pain, Part 2.
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