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The Social Network

We ‘ve all been a part of it, now let’s watch it! This autumn, director David Ficher shares … read more

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We ‘ve all been a part of it, now let’s watch it!

This autumn, director David Ficher shares with us the founding story of Facebook. The story however might not be totally accurate as it is slightly fictional but mostly factual and is mainly based on the book ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ by Ben Mezerich.


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The movie isn’t about nerdy Harvard geeks sucked into their wild academic obsession, writing endless codes till the break of the dawn, but is rather a totally different way of storytelling which highlights the brilliance dedicated towards developing the phenomenon – Facebook. Presumably, this might be the best movie you are going to see this year and fairly deserves an Oscar nod. However there is something more to it that might delight you.

The movie is spun around the Henley Royal Regatta. Thereby serves us with three beautifully crafted rowing scenes of which one of them illustrates a Harvard varsity pairs practice on the Charles River and an indoor tank scene. [Built by Durham Boat whose products we sell]. The scene which builds up most of the excitement is a racing event between Harvard’s most prestigious rowing team against the Dutch Nationals. The scene also serves us a magnificent rowing performance from the Winklevoss Twins (the Winklevii) who repeatedly remind us of their prowess in 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the race sequence we get to see dramatic shots of oars slicing through the water as Ficher’s pompous background music build the emotion. All the three scenes, however so brief, are yet portrayed in a spectacular fashion.

Real-life rowers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss from the film "The Social Network"

For the ones who are also keen to watch the movie for its story, I would highly recommend it. The Social Network is simply a masterpiece and utterly flawless. So spare some time out this weekend, buy a couple of tickets and enjoy one of the greatest stories of ‘our’ time.

Just gulp quietly when the rowing scenes come up and you see the continuity errors!

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