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The Leicester Boat Race 27 April 2014

Can Leicester University retrieve their winning record or will the De Montfort crew row to a second victory … read more

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Can Leicester University retrieve their winning record or will the De Montfort crew row to a second victory in the Leicester

English: A logo of Leicester Rowing Club, UK English: A logo of Leicester Rowing Club, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boat Race this weekend?  Both crews have been training hard for the fourth annual race which takes place 12 noon at Leicester Regatta on Sunday 27 April.

The side by side sprint race over the Mile Straight promises to be a real clash this year with both crews determined to be first past the finish.  Four young men and four young women have been out training all hours on the water with their cox and coaches, in anticipation of a close race.

After hot competition at the Varsity Races, when De Montfort edged into the lead over their rivals on overall wins, Leicester are looking for a comeback.  “Our crew are leaving nothing to chance” said Kathryn Hanna, President of Leicester University Boat Club, “and are determined to seize back victory.”  Russell Jones, President of De Montfort University Rowing Club is equally determined.  “We know Leicester is good this year” he said at a recent training session “but we will be better.  We’ve trained hard through the winter, and winning the race will be a huge boost for our crews competing at the British University regatta in May.”

Leicester Rowing Club crews have enjoyed some notable wins at Head races throughout the winter, and are also looking forward to the challenge of sprint racing on home water in Leicester City Centre.  This will be the first East Midlands regatta, with side by side racing on a narrow stretch of the Grand Union Canal.

Leicester boat race 2013 winners De Montford Leicester boat race 2013 winners De Montford

“Racing has always been very competitive at our regatta” said Liz Pulford, President of Leicester Rowing Club.  “The range of racing from 11 year olds competing at Junior level to Masters in their 60’s and Elite athletes at their peak of fitness shows the sport continues to attract competitors at all levels.  We are very proud that our Regatta now attracts over 200 entries from over 20 clubs from all over the country.”

“Leicester Regatta continues to be one of the City’s sporting highlights” said Peter Soulsby, City Mayor.  “It is enormous fun to watch, it’s always well organised, and their cakes are superb!”

The Regatta is held on the Mile Straight, Leicester City Centre, from 9am to 5pm.  Spectators are welcome along the tow path, and there is free entry.  Refreshments are available from the Clubhouse.  Leicester City Football Club have kindly arranged free parking in Car Park C, opposite the Stadium.  The University Boat Race will be held at 12 noon, followed by a medal ceremony.

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