The clutch bearing on my Rowperfect is slipping

Hi, the clutch one way bearing on my rowperfect classic is slipping when I pull hard, in a sort of a jump. Do you have any advice on a fix? 

In all probability it needs replacing – but that is rare that this HFL 2026 bearing fails. What’s more likely is the main shaft got bent.

Please also do a test to check that the main shaft is not bent. Read this article on how to test the main shaft to see if it’s bent.

We can sell you a replacement main shaft if that’s needed.

Let us know how you get on with the test for a bent main shaft

And if you need a full list of the components in a Rowperfect Classic you want the Flywheel sub-assembly list section 4.

2 thoughts on “The clutch bearing on my Rowperfect is slipping

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Noel I have messaged you direct. We have a few spare parts available but sadly this product is discontinued now and the manufacturer has decided not to continue supporting it.

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