Still time to ask Larry Gluckman your question

It’s 48 hours to go before Rowing Chat with Larry Gluckman – famed for founding the Craftsbury Small Boat Training Center where many current US Rowing team members get coaching.

You’ve just time to send in your question – register for the event (either live or to get the recording) and add your question to the registration form.

And yo’ve just time to see Larry present at Rowing Talks run by Mike Davenport (author of the Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rowing among other essential boat maintenance reading).


One thought on “Still time to ask Larry Gluckman your question

  1. Alan Ruvelson says:

    Kindly notify me re opportunities to hear Coach Gluckman and other coaches and trainers (in the future), thx. Rower (attended FRC in 2014, USRA licensed official, member MN Boat Club)

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