Steve Fairbairn “On Rowing” Republished

The Steve Fairbairn digital republications can be found on Amazon for Kindle Devices or for most other devices as a PDF here. They are currently 50% off as a special introductory offer which will run until the 28th of November.

Here at Rowperfect UK, and in conjunction with rowing historian Peter Mallory, we’ve been busy republishing Steve Fairbairn’s original text “On Rowing”, making it more accessible for the masses.


The biggest problem with Fairbairn’s work has always been getting a hold of a copy such is the limited supply. It is not uncommon for hard copies to cost anywhere between £200 and £600 – we’ve made them readily available with prices starting from  £3.60.

The books have been released as individual Volumes (1 – 4) and packaged together as fully (all 4 volumes) and partially (volumes 2-4) complete sets.

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