Steering the Tideway Vesta Veterans Head

A reader asks us

English: The Boat Race Start Stone. Category:I...
English: The Boat Race Start Stone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have suggestions on how to steer the opposite way, from Hammersmith to Chiswick? (Vesta Veterans’ Head on March 30th)

Great question – as you know the Boat Race and the Vets head are the only two big events raced in that direction!

My suggestion is to reverse the instructions for steering the Scullers head. It’s all written up in this blog post where we analyse the courses steered in the Scullers Head 2013 and includes a link to Martin Haycock’s Tideway steering advice. Martin was a Boat Race coxswain and so knows the course really well in both directions.

BUT with the addition of watching the map video, you should be able to edit the written instructions back to front and watch the video to see the actual positioning of the boats in the river.

Best wishes for the race!

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