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Sims Evolution Boat Bag going CHEEP!!

We have a Sims Evolution padded single scull boat bag to sell. It is stern-mounted wing rigger design … read more

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We have a Sims Evolution padded single scull boat bag to sell.

It is stern-mounted wing rigger design in navy blue with red ends for the 60-75 Kg Lightweight hull.  It is full sunbrella UV resistant fabric, lined with padded fabric (like a duvet for your boat).

Make us an offer if you’d like to buy. 

Retail price is £475 including VAT.  We will add shipping to the price you offer and happy to ship worldwide.  [Note the picture is NOT the actual bag for sale.]

Burnham Boat , 1x single boat bag
Single scull boat fully rigged and enclosed in a boat bag on a car roof rack.

Why Burnham Bags ROCK

I’ve had a bag for my single since I bought it.  For a season I had to store it outside due to racking constraints.  I kept the bag on the boat throughout the storage.  It was upside down on cinder blocks in the year in the UK.  The carbon wing rigger sticks out of the bag (that’s what they are designed to do) and by the end of the year, the gelcoat on the underside of the rigger had eroded so I could feel the carbon weave on the underside of the wing.

Now I didn’t think the UK sun was that powerful – but it proved how valuable the bag was to preserving the rest of my boat.

Burnham also sell

If you want to buy a single scull or double scull car roof rack take a look at our storage and racking.



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