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Secondhand Rowperfects for sale

Are you interested in a second hand rowperfect rowing simulator? Here are two possibilities

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Are you interested in a second hand rowperfect rowing simulator? Here are two possibilities:

This is a bit of a long-shot for most people based in the UK.. but given the strength of the versus US$ I thought Id let you know about this one.

Theres an Ebay auction on now for a Rowperfect indoor rower. Located in Margate City, New Jersey, USA.
Opening bid is US$ 1,000.

Now if you were VERY KEEN, you could buy it, find a nice local to take it to the Head of the Charles in Boston next weekend and get one of the many British Crews to bring it home (hand luggage excess) for you….
Auction ends Oct-11-07 07:06:54 PDT

I also have a second hand Rowperfect with an interface for sale here in the UK. 600 plus shipping 50 to UK addresses.
This has a bar that has been repaired with two welds (but it works fine) it has an interface and DOS software,
It has been serviced by us and has had new bearings throughout.

Please use the contact form to express interest.

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

7 thoughts on “Secondhand Rowperfects for sale

  1. I’m interested in the Rowperfect that you have in the UK. Ideally I’d like a Windows unit but the IT side is not the key aspect! It could be delivered to London or Kent but I’ll need to negotiate that one with my wife. You were at the World Championships at Eton and I kicked myself for not buying one off the stand.

  2. Sadly I heard from Tom Carter that the USA chappie won’t ship abroad (can’t think why not. Just pay what it takes!)
    Anyway, Richard, I’ll contact you separately because this UK Rowperfect has now sold. BUT I have been contacted by someone else who has one needing refurbishment and that may be a possibility for you.

    Sorry that you didn’t buy that RP at Eton. We sold it to an Australian lady who’d just moved here and was annoyed she hadn’t shipped her own one out from Australia.

    Will email you

    Best wishes


  3. hello,
    my son is exceedingly keen on rowing. Although he’s not as big as most of the others in his boat, he trained very hard last year, throughout the summer, and especially hard at the beginning of this term in order to pass the tests to be on the school team. I’m happy to say that he did indeed make it onto the team, which gave him a real sense of accomplishment and reward for his self discipline and concentration. He is now about to purchase a training machine for himself, using money that he earned working for me in my small company. He’s dreamed of a Rowperfect, but has decided to purchase a because it’s all he can afford……

    Do you have any comments or suggestions?
    thank you

  4. Is this Rowperfect still for sale? I’m based just south of Cambridge so I could possibly come and test the machine this weekend.

    Best regards


  5. Shelley –

    I think that your son would probably be better placed saving his money and either
    a) finding a local club or individual who owns a Rowperfect and paying them to allow him to train on it
    b) buying or renting a single scull and spending more time on the water

    This is because the rowing machine you showed is really very un-like rowing or sculling. Presumably he wants to get fitter, faster on the water and improve his bladework. These are the three things that any competitive aspirational athlete wants.

    The process of learning to row (as a preliminary to going fast) has four stages:
    1 – learning the concept of balance – centering the body mass
    2 – co-ordination of legs/body/arms for the power phase and recovery phase of the rowing stroke
    3 – learning to do this in time with other rowers
    4 – the skill of handling the oar and sculls

    The Rowperfect can deliver the first three of these – balance, co-ordination and timing

    Here’s why: The closer an off-water rowing machine is to rowing on-water, the better the training will be for improving actual rowing performance on-water. Essentially, training is providing the body with stimuli to adapt. The more accurate and sport-specific the stimuli, the better the results of the training.

    Rowperfect is the first rowing machine to replicate the dynamics of rowing on-water—allowing it to deliver the most sport-specific training available today.

    Every other rowing machine in history is a ‘stationary’ ergometer, designed to replicate the dynamics of a boat bolted into the floor. This differs considerably from that of a light racing shell floating freely on the water. Instead of the main part of the movement being done by the boat, it is now the rower who has to do all the movement. The rower moves his mass relative to the environment, back and forth, over the full length of the slides, and the change in velocity at both turning points is high. Stationary rowing machines react similarly to a boat that is infinitely heavy. The heavier the boat, the more the rower has to accelerate and decelerate his body mass during the stroke/recovery cycle and the more force needed.

    Rowperfect was developed to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional stationary ergometers.

    If you want to tell me more aobut where you live and which school / club your son belongs to, we can speak to his rowing coach and maybe help him out individually. Just call or email using the contact form page.

    Thanks for the enquiry!


  6. Tanks you for caring about the younsters,I had a very difficult deprived childhood and it was only the football and athletics coaches that gave me dreams and kept me honest.

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