Applying British Rowing Technique

Just had a call from Philip Mann of Thames Rowing Club.  He was keen to learn about the 'ideal' force curve on a Rowperfect indoor rower.

I referred him to the Articles page of the website where there are two useful documents.  They are at the bottom of the page under Articles About Rowperfect

"Applying British Rowing Technique" was a workshop Rowperfect UK ran for the ARA when they did a tour of the British regions during 2005 illustrating the new technique that they wanted club coaches to be teaching. 

This slide deck takes each part of the stroke cycle and suggests drills and exercises for teaching it.  There are also illustrative force curves showing good and less good technique.  

The second document is a detailed list of the drills and exercises and how to teach them – a useful check-list. 

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