Sculling without a coach – you can do it

A reader told us he is interested in advice on sculling without a coach.

“I’ve sculled for 3 years and this season we’ve had no coach and getting boat speed has been hard. How can you increase boat speed in small boats?”

I replied
Three ways –

  1. train harder
  2. get improved technical skill
  3. better racing tactics

If you don’t have a coach in your club and the crew is feeling that they aren’t advancing, why not buy some remote coaching advice? ¬†This works really well – from quick answers to technical questions through video analysis and writing a training programme, everypne who wants to go faster will benefit from a coach.

Buy rowing coaching

We offer two options – email or video skype.

Video is for sale here

Email is for sale here

We are so confident that you will get amazing results that we offer a 100% refund guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied.

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