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Safe ways to rack oars

I am particularly interested in a boat racking system and oar storage. You seem to be in a similar situation … read more

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I am particularly interested in a boat racking system and oar storage.

You seem to be in a similar situation to Pine Crest School in Florida, whose new Rowing Master David Fisher was tasked with starting a rowing program from nothing in mid-2014.   Using Space Saver Rowing Systems products helped him to be up and running a complete rowing program within 2 months (see his testimonial below).  
If you haven’t already had the chance, the best place to get the information you need about boat and oar racking is from the Racking and Storage category in the Rowperfect shop.

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As a quick overview:

Oar Brackets – Sweep and Scull 
US Olympic Training Center case study oar racking
The price for the oar brackets which hold 16 oars in each bracket is £310.00 GBP each plus shipping costs. 
Think of them as a simple bracket which holds rowing oars in a vertical position. 

  • A Scull Oar Bracket must be mounted at 2200mm from the floor to the top edge of the bracket and then requires 1120mm of clearance above the bracket.
  • A Sweep Oar Bracket needs 2700mm from the floor to top edge then requires 1400mm above the bracket to allow the oar to be easily placed and removed from the bracket.  
  • You only need a gap the width of an oar shaft between each oar bracket but I normally recommend a 100mm gap between each oar bracket for smaller and inexperienced rowers.

Single Sliding arm boat racks 

I offer single sliding arms which are delivered to site and can be installed by any capable handyperson.  The advantages of this system are:

  • They can be attached to any appropriate support structure. I.e. concrete/brick walls, wooden posts or vertical metal posts of 100mm by 100m using metal “U” Bolts.  
  • They have an anti-wear strip so rowing shells are not sliding on metal to fiberglass and slide out to 2100mm from a stored position of 1500mm.  
  •  They can easily be moved as your rowing program changes.
  • They substantially reduce transport costs because they are more compact.


 As mentioned earlier, here’s what David Fisher thought:


Thank you for your efforts and a great product.  Everything has been delivered and getting installed as we speak.  My sincere apologies for bothering you with delivery details but I was on an extreme time restraint with 141 rowers showing up this Monday morning.

I will be needing to order 2 more sweep oar rack systems along with 4-6 more winged rigger systems.  My new budget kicks in July first so I will be in contact with you then.

Thank you again for everything, it has been a pleasure.David Fisher


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