Rowperfect Newsletter, September 2005


Dear Rowperfect community

We are hearing great news about new Dreher, Rowperfect, Coxmate and MK1 users in International rowing……

  • USA LM4x used Dreher round spoon Apex sculls at the World Rowing Championships
  • Germany won the W8o Junior World Championships the crew had Dreher Big Blade Rowing oars
  • Croatian crews using Rowperfect include the M2- Skelin brothers finishing 6th, and M2x finishing 8th .
  • Germany won the W4x Junior World Championships the crew are Rowperfect users
  • New Zealand M2- won a Gold medal using MK1 gates as did the Australian M2+
  • Bronze medal for Czech sculler Ondrej Synek with MK1 gates
  • Australian M8o used the Coxmate SC with speed sensor for training and racing

Domestically we are getting more and more orders for our products. Thank you to all our loyal customers and to all newsletter recipients for kindly spreading the news about Rowperfect UK and our desire to bring new and innovative products to you.

The Tideway Scullers School LM4x won Gold at the UK National Championships with the Dreher round sculls. Have a look at this link for an amusing photo of them on the medal pontoon

The Big News for the autumn is the new Rowperfect Mark IV monitor mounted on the machine so that you do not need a computer interface. See below for more details.

Happy reading and, Rowperfectly!

Rebecca Caroe and Grant Craies, Rowperfect UK

Raymond Sims takes on Coxmate

Ray Sims boatbuilders in Nottingham has announced that they will be fitting Coxmate wiring looms as standard in all new coxed boats they build, including the newgen designs.

Having examined and trialled them, Ray says that they are more robust than other looms and he likes the modular components which make it easy to replace and repair.

The New Mark IV Rowperfect Interface

Rowperfect presents the new MkIV interface designed to allow you to train without a computer attached and with a touch screen interface. The whole thing works without the need of batteries!Key features:

  • Touch Screen
  • All the features of the Rowperfect DOS interface
  • NEW Features Distance per Stroke, Drive Time, Drive Ratio, Split times per 100, 250, 500 or 1000 metres, Intervals pre-set
  • All data recorded at the end of the session for you to review
  • Store and record sessions, strokes or training settings on the removable MultiMedia Card
  • Screen settings variable Force curve, or bar graph or pacer or numeric
  • Inclusive computer interface to connect to PC

We hope this is all good news for you, we think that this new interface represents a quantum leap in exercise monitoring generally, not just rowing. When Valery Kleshnev (English Institute of Sport) saw it he was truly impressed it brings cutting edge sports science within the reach of every rower and every athlete. The Touch Screen navigation is incredibly simple Mark Campbell reports watching Frans Goebel work it out (with absolutely no tutoring) in about two minutes. The generator/sensor is as far as we know a world first, and a huge step forward – NO BATTERIES TO BUY EVER.

We will be demonstrating this at the Strathclyde FISA Masters Regatta from September 9 11 and the units will be available to buy from this date. They can be retro-fitted to recent model Rowperfect base units.

Email us to receive the detailed specification sheet.

Cheap(er) Rowperfects available at Strathclyde

Rowperfect has been invited by the organizers of the World Masters Regatta to provide warm-up Rowperfects and hire Dreher oars and sculls for the regatta.

As a consequence, these will be available for sale after the regatta at a discount, but must be reserved in advance.

  • The Rowperfect Rowing Simulator Base Unit will be 945 including VAT (normal price 995)
  • The Dreher Carbon Adjustable Sculls will be 285 per pair (normal price 299)
  • The Dreher Carbon Oars will be 205 each (normal price 210)

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