Rowperfect MKIV Monitor specification

Rowperfect presents the new MK IV interface designed to allow you to train without a computer attached and with a touch screen interface.   The whole thing works without the need of batteries! 
Key features:

  •  Touch Screen
  •  All the features of the Rowperfect DOS interface
  •  NEW Features – Distance per Stroke, Drive Time, Drive Ratio, Split times per 100, 250, 500 or 1000 metres, Intervals pre-set
  •  All data recorded at the end of the session for you to review
  • Store and record sessions, strokes or training settings on the removable MultiMedia Card
  •  Screen settings variable – Force curve, or bar graph or pacer or numeric
  • Inclusive computer interface to connect to PC

We hope this is all good news for you, we think that this new interface represents a quantum leap in exercise monitoring generally, not just rowing.  When Valery Kleshnev (English Institute of Sport) saw it he was truly impressed – it brings cutting edge sports science within the reach of every rower and every athlete.  The Touch Screen navigation is incredibly simple – Mark Campbell reports watching Frans Goebel work it out (with absolutely no tutoring) in about two minutes. The generator/sensor is as far as we know a world first, and a huge step forward – NO BATTERIES TO BUY – EVER.

We will be demonstrating this at the Strathclyde FISA Masters Regatta from September 9 – 11 and the units will be available to buy from this date.  They can be retro-fitted to recent model Rowperfect base units.

Email us to receive the detailed specification sheet.

One thought on “Rowperfect MKIV Monitor specification

  1. Andreas says:

    Hi there, I just got an old used Rowperfect.
    It features a Mk IV Touchscreen without operation. Obviously it is missing already a memor card to be inserted into the screen. However, I am not sure whether this is really needed for operation of the screen.
    I would like to refurbish the rower and get things back working.
    Any chance to get a users manual to explaing functionality and troubleshooting?

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