Rowperfect new world record for 2k

An Auckland Rowing Club member, Monty Wawatai, has recorded 5 minutes 57 seconds (5:57) for 2000 meters.

2k World Record 5:57 on Rowperfect
2k World Record 5:57 on Rowperfect

He used a Rowperfect fitted with the new RowQuix rowing shoes.


Monty is 51years old and beat the 5:58 he set last year.

We presume this would be a new World Record?

Anyone know differently?

4 thoughts on “Rowperfect new world record for 2k

  1. Anon says:

    I know Monty personally and although he’s a top bloke and a great character in the sport I’m going to have to extinguish this flame. Monty for whatever reason is misleading people into believing he has legitimately done a 5:57 erg. The rowperfect has a function that allows a rower to see how their power would translate into different boat classes and at different weights under ideal conditions with ideal technique. Monty has manipulated this function to generate those scores. Not only that but Concept 2 is the only machine that account for world records. The final and most telling nail in the coffin is the wattage output of 329.7W, this only equates to a 1:42.0 split which means the power he was generating was only high enough to warrant a 6:48 2k time. While this is admirable for someone his age its way off 5:57 which is a world class time for elite oarsmen who dedicate their lives and bodies to the sport. I love the guy but hes misleading everyone and it somewhat discredits those who have poured their lives into it and are in peak physical condition in their physical prime who struggle to hit that time. Sorry to destroy the illusion but he also recorded a 5:43 2k recently which would make him a top 15 2k erg in the history of the world…that’s just not possible I’m sorry

    • Anon says:

      well that’s news to me. I suppose with a concept 2 WR of 6:07 and Monty’s wattage equating to a 6:48 then I think it could potentially not be a WR. I don’t suppose there is a website that posts these times? Also my comment was anon so using my name is a bit off?

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