Rowperfect Indoor Sculler pricing compared

The Rowperfect Indoor Sculler is made by the Australian manufacturer Mark Campbell and when we last checked they sell for these prices in UK Pounds; US Dollars and Australian Dollars.

Indoor Sculler rowperfect
Indoor Sculler rowperfect

Indoor Sculler

AU$3,495 including 10% GST sales tax

[approx £2,100 or US$3,200]

RP3 comparison pricing

AU$2,996 sold by agent CreativeAgencySecrets.  Note this does not include Australian GST as it’s sold from New Zealand as export so you have to add 10% to the price.

[approx £1,805 or US$2,750]

Note if you buy for export outside Australia you can deduct 10% sales tax but you’ll have to pay local taxes when it’s imported (in UK this will be 20% VAT).

Article information sources – 2010 discussion on Rowing Illustrated; blog post by Rational Fitness Jan 2013

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