Broxbourne Rowing Club use Rowperfect

Graham Everitt, Captain of Broxbourne Rowing Club sent us this feedback about their new RP3 rowing machine.

Rowperfect rowing machine at catch position
Rowperfect rowing machine at catch position

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on an RP3 and I’ve learned a lot technically since. Having sat on it last night to warm down after I’d been out sculling the things that really stood out versus a C2 were

  • a) you can get a lot more length around the front than you can on a C2, it’s a much more natural position that allows for compression more akin to what you get in a boat,
  • b) the relative speed of the flywheel and handle speed during the drive allows you to hang off the handle and then engage the core to let the handle come through as you do in a boat, whereas a C2 just encourages you to pull,
  • c) it really encourages a more active rock-over off the back (think Robin Williams and his two part recovery; the bit you do and the bit the boat does)

Anyone who lives near Broxbourne and wants to try out the Rowperfect at their club.  Get in touch and we’ll introduce you to Graham.

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