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RowingHack: broken oars become trestles

I am Captain of Taunton Rowing Club. As an inventor I am always formulating new ideas and ways … read more

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I am Captain of Taunton Rowing Club. As an inventor I am always formulating new ideas and ways of recycling and reducing waste. Carbon fibre can now be reprocessed, but is not widely spread yet.  /></a></p>
<p><a href=rowing, trestles for boats, slings for boats, rowing sling, A new rowing trestle from a broken oar

Knowing Rowperfect has a list of “Rowing Hacks” I wanted to submit my own.

Anyway, I thought you might like to share these two photographs showing my re-use of carbon fibre blades for trestles and blade racks.

The tubes and spoons can be bonded with adhesive or combined with wood to make the cross members and fixed with screws. The spoons identify your club colours as can the canvas on the cradle. They are of course lightweight and strong.

Steve Swan Blade innovations

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Rowing Hacks from Rowperfect

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