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Thanks to the wonderful Adam Bruce and the Row2k crowd for this great post about how to make a great value GoPro mount for your boat.  He estimates it costs about US$35 which is under £28 by my reckoning.

Rowing boat GoPro stand Rowing boat GoPro stand

I particularly like the fact that it’s a temporary stand – no holes are drilled in the boat canvasses.

Here’s the list of ‘ingredients’

Purchased materials:

  • 3 suction cups ($6.87 each)
  • 2- 10ft x 3/4” PVC ($2.36 each)
  • 3- ¼-20 x 2” stainless steel bolt ($0.61 each)
  • 6- ¼-20 x 2.5” stainless steel bolts ($0.67 each)
  • Flat black spray paint ($3.76) – optional

Common boathouse materials:

  • Scrap 2×4
  • 3- 2” screws
  • 21- Stainless steel washers
  • 9- ¼-20 stainless steel nylon nuts (or lock washer and nut combo)
  • Zip ties


  • Pipe cutting tool (optional but very helpful)
  • Circular Saw (or hand saw)
  • Drill
  • ¼ drill bit
  • 1/8 drill bit
  • Writing utensil
  • Measuring tape
  • 2- 7/16” wrenches

Head over to Row2k to read the full instructions


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  1. Martin Paasman

    Arie en Kees!

  2. Jennie Brotherston

    C’est parfait… I shall attempt this for my Christmas GoPro 🙂

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